Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ok, so my husband tells me I need to get off the guitar hero and back to my blog. So here I am! The question is, do I have anything exciting to say? What could I possibly talk about that would keep someone’s interest? Hmmmm…

I could tell you about subbing today and how it amazes me that the upperclassmen come in and are so polite, they go straight to their seats and actually ask if they can get started on their work before the bell rings. Wow! And then there are the freshmen…Oh my goodness! They come into class wearing their pants with hundreds of silver buckles hanging off, their hair is, well, not clean, and you wouldn’t believe the odor in the classroom! Wow, again! I guess they grow up, but it looks like they may have a ways to go.

Or I might could tell you about my grandfather in the hospital and ask you to pray for him. Several years ago he had a 5-bypass surgery. Then after that he had to have a 4-bypass surgery, so he had two open-heart surgeries within a couple years of each other. Well now he’s in the hospital needing another. He had 90% blockage in an artery, and they say he really should have another bypass. I’m afraid he’ll have none of it! He said after the last one that he’d never do that again. So they tried another procedure called a “Rotational Atherectomy. Papa calls it a “Roto-Rooter,” so that gives you an idea of what the procedure is. I guess it goes in and scrapes out the artery. Well-it worked! They showed Granny a before and after picture of the artery, and it was cleared! Praise the Lord! But now they are afraid his colon cancer may be back. So say a prayer for him and Grannie.

Guess I did have something to say after all :) How 'bout that? I guess I'd better get to the laundry. My house may be clean but the laundry is not done.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Eve Eve

This has been one of those days I've dreamed about. Here I am sitting on the couch watching tv and doing absolutely nothing-which is exactly what I've been doing all day. Lazy. I know. But how often is there nothing on my schedule, my children are gone to Poppie and Nana's all day, and the house is actually pretty clean (I had the kids clean before they left yesterday:)

We had the children's program at church Sunday evening. It was entitled "Living Christmas Cards." I really enjoyed doing this one-there was no memorization for the kids, but they got to sing some songs and have the spotlight at different times. I really think it went well! And thanks to my husband-the best hubby ever-the stage got set up on time and the music was on cue, and it is already all cleaned up! Yep-the best husband ever.

Last night Kyle and I took our Associate Pastor Mark and his wife Kelli out to dinner at the Red Apple Inn. Soooo fun! Mark and Kelli are hilarious! We may have been a little loud for the crowd there that night-and NO we didn't buy a membership:) I had the Chicken Scallopinni-soooo good! Kyle had a steak-of course. It was a lovely evening of laughter and intelligent adult conversation. Well-the "intelligent" may be questionable-but it sure was fun!

I guess the next few days will be full of running here and there for Christmas. Please remember with me the real meaning of christmas as you run here and there.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Here goes...

I've been wanting to start this for a while. And here I go:) ... since I don't have anything else to do...

I'll just start with a little about my week-A wonderful week of sleeping in, Wii games, and eggnog. A horrible week of cabin fever, "It's MY turn!," and "I'm boooored."

It started sleeting and freezing rain on Monday morning. Thank goodness Hunter had a re-check dr's appointment, so he and Kyle went into town early that morning and picked up some lunchmeat, burger stuff, 2 cartons of eggnog, and a gallon of milk. That got us through Monday afternoon :)

We got the call Wed around noon that we would be out Thursday, too. Only one bus could make its entire route. We knew we had to break out. Somehow. Someway. We'd bust outta here. So Wednesday afternoon - Look out Wal-Mart, here we come! Then at church that night, we had a beautiful candlelight caroling service.

Thursday we called Granny Rita in Conway to see if she could keep the kiddos so we could finish our christmas shopping. Thanks Grams! Then we rushed home to get ready for Kylie's ball game in Marshall. Kylie scored 8 points! With 3 Lay-ups, 1 field goal, and several steals, she makes a mean little point gaurd.

So now the kids are all snug in their beds, with visions of 'rithmatic dancing in their heads.
Almost ready for school tomorrow, a pencil or paper they may have to borrow.
Waiting just one more school day to say-
"Happy Christmas to all! Hurray! Today's our last day!"